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Reece Wilson 2570aea213 [+] Clang/Win32 compilation support 2023-12-19 03:43:11 +00:00
Reece Wilson 4674f45dd3 [*] Support for further Win32 API degradation / historical OSes / emulators 2023-08-27 17:43:29 +01:00
Reece Wilson 5cf7533eab [*] Linux and UNIX QOL 2023-08-27 12:42:10 +01:00
Reece Wilson 502987a38e [*] Enable LTO on all platforms 2023-08-25 13:35:09 +01:00
Reece Wilson 5fa8720c9b [-] Win32: Unlink Wer.lib.
Write to the registry instead.
2023-06-24 21:01:57 +01:00
Reece Wilson 2745ef23a0 [+] Brotli [de]compressor 2023-03-12 21:03:47 +00:00
Reece Wilson 04aca5fcf2 [+] Aurora::IO::Net::NetSocketConnectByHost
[+] Aurora::IO::FS::DirDeleterEx
[+] Aurora::IO::Compress
[+] Aurora::IO::Decompress
[*] Aurora::Memory::ByteBuffer zero-alloc fixes
[*] Aurora::Memory::ByteBuffer linear read of begin/end should return (`const AuUInt8 *`)'s
[*] Changed NT file CREATE flags
[*] Fix linux regression
[*] Update logger sink DirLogArchive
... [+] DirectoryLogger::uMaxLogsOrZeroBeforeDelete
... [+] DirectoryLogger::uMaxCumulativeFileSizeInMiBOrZeroBeforeDelete
... [+] DirectoryLogger::uMaxCumulativeFileSizeInMiBOrZeroBeforeCompress
... [+] DirectoryLogger::uMaxFileTimeInDeltaMSOrZeroBeforeCompress
... [+] DirectoryLogger::uMaxFileTimeInDeltaMSOrZeroBeforeDelete
[*] FIX: BufferedLineReader was taking the wrong end head
(prep) LZMACompressor
[*] Updated build-script for LZMA (when i can be bothered to impl it)
(prep) FSOverlappedUtilities
(prep) FSDefaultOverlappedWorkerThread | default worker pool / apc dispatcher / auasync dispatcher concept for higher level overlapped ops
(stub) [+] Aurora::IO::FS::OverlappedForceDelegatedIO
(stub) [+] Aurora::IO::FS::OverlappedCompress
(stub) [+] Aurora::IO::FS::OverlappedDecompress
(stub) [+] Aurora::IO::FS::OverlappedWrite
(stub) [+] Aurora::IO::FS::OverlappedRead
(stub) [+] Aurora::IO::FS::OverlappedStat
(stub) [+] Aurora::IO::FS::OverlappedCopy
(stub) [+] Aurora::IO::FS::OverlappedRelink
(stub) [+] Aurora::IO::FS::OverlappedTrustFile
(stub) [+] Aurora::IO::FS::OverlappedBlockFile
(stub) [+] Aurora::IO::FS::OverlappedUnblockFile
(stub) [+] Aurora::IO::FS::OverlappedDelete
2023-01-26 21:43:19 +00:00
Reece Wilson 85a575eb95 [+] Network interfaces API
[+] Logger IFormatter API
[*] Clean up
2022-12-14 20:08:52 +00:00
Reece Wilson 72dc0d715e [*] Begin enforcing steady time
[+] IOProcessor::WakeupThread
[+] NT: Begin hacking in timeBeginPeriod (must spam it in some places)
[+] ConsoleTTY (more specifically the win32 calls) are too slow to run on the mainthread. Delegate to worker.
[*] AuTime.CurrentClockSteady
[*] AuTime.CurrentClockSteadyMS
[*] AuTime.CurrentClockSteadyNS
2022-11-28 16:01:08 +00:00
Reece Wilson fd0c5b51b2 Further Linux support
[+] Begin work on IO futexes for io release on process/thread exit
[+] Linux ::readdir iteration
[+] AuConsole buffering API
[*] Fix sleep as to not get interrupted by signals
[*] Switch the type of FS lock used under Linux
[*] Linux: Use new IPCHandle encoding scheme
[*] Fix undefined behaviour: unintialized timeout values (AuLoop/Linux)
[*] Fix undefined behaviour: ConsoleTTY clear line was called of a color of a random value on stack
[-] Remainings of std dir iterator
[*] Fix pthread_kill (aka send signal to pthread handle) always kills process. This is what you expect bc signal handler inheritance.
[*] Reformat the build Aurora.json file
[+] Added clang warning ignores to the build file
[*] Fix: UNIX need to use STDOUT_FILENO. Was using CRT handle in place of fd by mistake.
[+] Linux implementation for IO yield (AuIO::IOYield() - UNIX::LinuxOverlappedYield())
[*] Fix: Linux async end of stream processing. res 0 = zero bytes consumed. <= was detecting this as an error of code 0. Should succeed with zero bytes.
[+] Linux LoopQueue missing epilogue hook for the IO processor
[*] Various refactors and minor bug fixes
[*] Linux fix: Handle pipe EOS as zero
[*] Linux fix: thread termination via a user signal of 77. Need a force terminate.
[*] IPC handle: fix improper int to bool cast in the header setup within ToString
[*] Linux fix: HWInfo CPU topology regression
[-] Linux fix: remove SIGABRT handler
[*] Missing override in compression, exit, and consoletty headers.
[+] Unix Syslog logger backend
2022-08-02 05:52:57 +01:00
Reece Wilson 7e1bf30131 [-] auROXTL -> Moved to 2022-04-01 05:03:03 +01:00
Reece Wilson ff88b7f85d [+] lite sku 2022-03-18 04:30:39 +00:00
Reece Wilson cf70f0d45c [*/+/-] MEGA COMMIT. ~2 weeks compressed.
The intention is to quickly improve and add util apis, enhance functionality given current demands, go back to the build pipeline, finish that, publish runtime tests, and then use what we have to go back to to linux support with a more stable api.

[+] AuMakeSharedArray
[+] Technet ArgvQuote
[+] Grug subsystem (UNIX signal thread async safe ipc + telemetry flusher + log flusher.)
[+] auEndianness -> Endian swap utils
[+] AuGet<N>(...)
[*] AUE_DEFINE conversion for
        ECompresionType, EAnsiColor, EHashType, EStreamError, EHexDump
[+] ConsoleMessage ByteBuffer serialization
[+] CmdLine subsystem for parsing command line arguments and simple switch/flag checks
[*] Split logger from console subsystem
[+] StartupParameters -> A part of a clean up effort under Process
[*] Refactor SysErrors header + get caller hack
[+] Atomic APIs
[+] popcnt
[+] Ring Buffer sink
[+] Added more standard errors

[+] Added ErrorCategorySet, ErrorCategoryClear, GetStackTrace
[+] IExitSubscriber, ETriggerLevel
[*] Write bias the high performance RWLockImpl read-lock operation operation
[+] ExitHandlerAdd/ExitHandlerRemove (exit subsystem)
[*] Updated API style
[+] CpuId::CpuBitCount
[+] GetUserProgramsFolder
[+] GetPackagePath
[*] Split IStreamReader with an inl file
[*] BlobWriter/BlobReader/BlobArbitraryReader can now take shared pointers to bytebuffers. default constructor allocates a new scalable bytebuffer
[+] ICharacterProvider
[+] ICharacterProviderEx
[+] IBufferedCharacterConsumer
[+] ProviderFromSharedString
[+] ProviderFromString
[+] BufferConsumerFromProvider
[*] Parse Subsystem uses character io bufferer
[*] Rewritten NT's high perf semaphore to use userland SRW/ConVars [like mutex, based on generic semaphore]
[+] ByteBuffer::ResetReadPointer
[*] Bug fix bytebuffer base not reset on free and some scaling issues
[+] ProcessMap -> Added kSectionNameStack, kSectionNameFile, kSectionNameHeap for Section
[*] ProcessMap -> Refactor Segment to Section. I was stupid for keeping a type conflict hack API facing
[+] Added 64 *byte* fast RNG seeds
[+] File Advisorys/File Lock Awareness
[+] Added extended IAuroraThread from OS identifier caches for debug purposes
[*] Tweaked how memory is reported on Windows. Better consistency of what values mean across functions.
[*] Broke AuroraUtils/Typedefs out into a separate library
[*] Update build script
[+] Put some more effort into adding detail to the readme before rewriting it, plus, added some media
[*] Improved public API documentation
[*] Bug fix `SetConsoleCtrlHandler`
[+] Locale TimeDateToFileNameISO8601
[+] Console config stdOutShortTime
[*] Begin using internal UTF8/16 decoders when platform support isnt available (instead of stl)
[*] Bug fixes in decoders
[*] Major bug fix, AuMax
[+] RateLimiter
[+] Binary file sink
[+] Log directory sink
[*] Data header usability (more operators)
[+] AuRemoveRange
[+] AuRemove
[+] AuTryRemove
[+] AuTryRemoveRange
[+] auCastUtils
[+] Finish NewLSWin32Source
[+] AuTryFindByTupleN, AuTryRemoveByTupleN
[+] Separated AuRead/Write types, now in auTypeUtils
[+] Added GetPosition/SetPosition to FileWriter
[*] Fix stupid AuMin in place of AuMax in SpawnThread.Unix.Cpp
[*] Refactored Arbitrary readers to SeekingReaders (as in, they could be atomic and/or parallelized, and accept an arbitrary position as a work parameter -> not Seekable, as in, you can simply set the position)
[*] Hack back in the sched deinit
[+] File AIO loop source interop
[+] Begin to prototype a LoopQueue object I had in mind for NT, untested btw
[+] Stub code for networking
[+] Compression BaseStream/IngestableStreamBase
[*] Major: read/write locks now support write-entrant read routines.
[*] Compression subsystem now uses the MemoryView concept
[*] Rewrite the base stream compressions, made them less broken
[*] Update hashing api
[*] WriterTryGoForward and ReaderTryGoForward now revert to the previous relative index instead of panicing
[+] Added new AuByteBuffer apis
    Trim, Pad, WriteFrom, WriteString, [TODO: ReadString]
[+] Added ByteBufferPushReadState
[+] Added ByteBufferPushWriteState
[*] Move from USC-16 to full UTF-16. Win32 can handle full UTF-16.
[*] ELogLevel is now an Aurora enum
[+] Raised arbitrary limit in header to 255, the max filter buffer
[+] Explicit GZip support
[+] Explicit Zip support
[+] Added [some] compressors

et al
2022-02-17 00:11:40 +00:00
Reece Wilson e30ccbc90f [*] mo better memory reporting info 2022-01-20 19:20:23 +00:00
Reece Wilson 1f825b4754 [*] Update build script
[*] Minor 32bit intrin fix
[-] Remove pragma links
2022-01-20 13:27:45 +00:00
Reece Wilson 29bd8dca0c [*] Continue to perfer beginthreadex, use CreateThread when the OS loader is locked on Win32 2022-01-18 16:02:24 +00:00
Reece Wilson 4dddcb108e [+] Added GetUserHome, GetAppData, GetRootAppdata, GetWritableAppdata
[*] Dont fail on non-blocking /dev/urand
[+] Added if not initialized check under RNG/unix fclose
[+] Add missing debug apis ready for report to linux
[*] Update build script for WIP branch
2022-01-18 14:27:06 +00:00
Reece Wilson 99c5e1fa65 A pretty large patch not worth breaking up into separate commits
[*] Split up Aurora Async
[*] Split Async app into seperate ThreadPool concept
[*] Fix various OSThread bugs and tls transfer issues
[*] Set default affinity to 0xFFFFFFFF
[*] Update Build script
[+] Add AuTuplePopFront
[+] New Network Interface (unimplemented)
[*] Stub out the interfaces required for a better logger
[*] Fix Win32 ShellExecute bug; windows 11 struggles without explicit com init per the docs - now deferring to thread pool
[*] Update gitignore
[*] Follow XDG home standard
[*] Refactor some namespaces to use the shorthand aliases
[*] Various stability fixes
2021-11-05 17:34:23 +00:00
Reece Wilson b1b5f417a7 [*] Use the public AuroraForEach/Interfaces implementation 2021-10-24 13:04:22 +01:00
Reece Wilson 86e556a9bb [*] Amend public headers for linux builds 2021-10-02 15:00:52 +01:00
Reece Wilson ffe4bc31fc Major patch [1/2] 2021-09-06 11:58:08 +01:00
Reece Wilson 8b073f518d All dependents should link directly against Alloc.cpp. No export vs BS, no static libs only, ensure each dependent has these functions available in the most immediate object format at link time 2021-07-02 06:58:34 +01:00
Reece Wilson eb4a495199 Initial Commit 2021-06-27 22:25:29 +01:00